The Most Powerful Football Leagues in Europe

If you want to watch football at its finest, Europe is the place to go. Europe is home to the greatest football teams in the world and the place where the world’s greatest talents are assembled. The UEFA Champions League, Europe’s elite club competition, has recently broken all records of ratings across the world, overtaking the viewership of America’s Super Bowl game. This speaks volumes about the fact that Europe has the most prestigious football leagues in the world.

We have compiled a list of the most powerful football leagues in Europe, based on the competitiveness of a certain league, game attendance, viewership, important trophies won, and prestige. So, without further ado, let’s check out our list.

Serie A (Italy)

After Jose Mourinho’s departure from Inter Milan, teams from Serie A, aside from Juventus, haven’t had any major success in the doldrums of Europe. Nevertheless, the league includes some of the greatest clubs in the world. Unlike some other leagues where two or three teams have dominated for decades, in Serie A, several teams have been fighting for the title, the esteemed Scudetto.

Before the rise of the Premier League in England, Serie A was regarded as the greatest league in the world. The league has always been competitive, which is why Italian National teams have always enjoyed tremendous success on the World Cup stage. Juventus has won multiple titles in a row and reached two Champions League’s finals, but AS Roma and Napoli have managed to challenge it for the title.

Premier League (England)

Based on many statistical parameters, Premier League has it all. It was not so long ago when the top four teams from EPL were regular contenders for the Champions League Trophy, and at times, it seemed impossible to eliminate them from the knockout stage.  

Premier League has the highest degree of competitiveness in all of professional football leagues as top 10 clubs are separated by less than 7 points, and the gap between the first and last team is around 30 points. However, the league has fallen from grace a bit since Chelsea won the champions in 2012. This could have happened due to the grueling schedule, the lack of winter break, and too many competitions.

La Liga (Spain)

La Liga has always had a reputation for being a two or three-club league, which is why they haven’t been marketed as much as the Premier League. However, Atletico Madrid broke the duopoly with their league title win and ensured that the league isn’t a two-team race anymore. In the meantime, from 2014-2016, Sevilla managed to secure three consecutive Europa League titles.

Spanish teams have broken all records for Super Cups and Club World Cup titles, and no other league has had more teams reach so many knockout stages of the elite European competitions. If we put trophies aside, we can say that it’s the creativity and the style of play that makes La Liga so entertaining to watch.

Bundesliga (Germany)

In Bundesliga, the situation is similar to the French League, where one team has dominated the league in the last decade. But that domination was short-lived because, before the 2015-2016 season, no team had managed to win more than four titles in Bundesliga. Nevertheless, the high scoring average and fast-paced football attract fans as their game attendance is the highest among all major leagues.

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