Do Soccer Players Earn From Selling Their Merchandise?

Top soccer players are some of the wealthiest athletes on the planet. The main reasons for this are their multi-million dollar contracts and transfer deals that are constantly breaking records. It is quite logical when you take into consideration that they are playing the most popular sport in the world.

However, this is not the only way that soccer stars earn money. Sponsorship deals and commercials can sometimes account for millions of dollars going directly into their pockets. But, do these athletes make money from selling their merchandise? Or better yet, how much do they earn from it?


When it comes to soccer merchandise, jersey is the single most sold item. The fans love buying their favorite players’ jerseys and wearing them during the game. But, does a player get a cut each time his jersey is bought? Well, not exactly. Soccer jerseys are made by companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and others. The club makes a deal with the manufacturer and gets a fixed yearly amount in exchange for allowing them to sell their jerseys. From here on out, the manufacturing company collects all the profit, although the player usually has his cut included in the salary. Only some of the biggest stars, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, have managed to negotiate deals where they collect a certain percentage on shirts and jerseys with their names.


When it comes to soccer boots, it’s a little different story than with jerseys. Instead of making a deal with the club, the manufacturer is chosen by each individual player. That means that teammates are free to wear different boots regardless of the fact that they are playing for the same team. A player makes a separate deal with the shoe company and the money goes directly to the athlete. One of the most famous soccer boots deals in history was David Beckham’s signing with Adidas, where he was collecting over $11 million per year.


Apart from jerseys and boots, there aren’t too many other accessories a player can wear. Sure, there are sweatbands, gloves, and socks, but they are almost always a part of the kit deal included with the jerseys. Rarely does a player have any custom-made accessory that he or she wears, so again, they collect no money from it.

Other Merchandise

Apart from their soccer endorsements, the best players in the world earn money by appearing in commercials or selling their own merchandise. Many stars have their line of clothing, perfumes, they often write and sell books, and more. Going back to David Beckham, this English superstar has a £20 million underwear deal with Armani.


So, there you have it. Soccer players do, in fact, earn money from selling some of their merchandise, although this is still a small amount compared to their salaries. Even if they had no sponsorship deals whatsoever, they would still be the richest athletes in the world by a long shot.

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