Difference Between Playing Football Games on PC vs Consoles

In the world of gaming, there are two main categories, PC gamers, and console gamers. Because of the apparent reasons in most cases, a PC is a better option. The hardware options are not limited, you can add a joypad to your gaming rig, and the number of games you can play on the PC is way higher than the number supported by consoles. 

However, consoles have come a long way, and the latest models by Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo really rival the capabilities of a PC, at least hardware-wise. Unfortunately, the console cycle is long, and before we have a new release, the current consoles will likely start to fall behind the PC. Football games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, though, are predominantly played on consoles, so let’s see what’s the difference here. 

Football games on PC and on consoles 

Playing a game on a joypad can be drastically different than using a keyboard and a mouse. Some games like first-person shooters or MOBA are more suited for PC play. This is because the mouse allows for more agile mobility and aim, which is something you cannot do on a joypad. However, there are tons of games that are a lot easier to navigate using a joypad, these are fighting games, adventure games, and also certain sports games like football.

Still, this does not mean that console is a better choice for these games because you can also play on a PC using a joypad. So, clearly, there is something else here. First off those sports games started initially as multiplayer games, and as such, the experience was way better on the console. If we ignore the ability of online play, the multiplayer aspect of these games is still better on consoles, since they rely on a big screen TV and players can sit more comfortably while they play.

Furthermore, there are handheld consoles that you can bring practically anywhere. From that angle, games can be more accessible and by default more enjoyable. As a result, playing football on a console can be more satisfying compared to a PC.  

Is the game itself different? 

Pretty much anyone nowadays needs a PC, so there is no explicit need to market those products as only a gaming platform. Sure the most expensive PCs tend to be for gaming, but graphic designers, developers, musicians, and pretty much any profession out there rely on these machines and can benefit from better hardware.

Consoles have games as their main selling point, which is why we have exclusive titles or even games with exclusive content for consoles. Developers usually make these types of deals with manufacturers which helps them sell more products and at the same time provide a superior gaming experience compared to a PC. The same goes for Fifa and PES games, there is certain content only available for console players, which justifies the purchase for hard-core fans.

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