Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Betting

The latest technological advancements in mobile technology have allowed us to place bets on the go, whenever we want and wherever we are. Not only that, but there are many online bookmakers that offer bonus codes for new members, like the 1XBET促销代码. However, is everything about mobile betting positive or are there any negative sides as well? A lot of people would argue there are some downsides.

We won’t be taking sides this time but provide you with some pros and cons of mobile betting. After reading the article, you can make your own decision and decide whether the advancements in mobile betting are generally good or bad for you.

Advantages of Mobile Betting


One of the most obvious advantages of mobile betting is how convenient it makes it to place a bet online. You no longer need to sit at your computer to place bets or keep track of them. Instead, you can be anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and if you have a smartphone or a tablet, you’re good to go.

Low Costs

There are no additional costs of betting on your mobile.

You can use your mobile to deposit money in your account without any additional fees.

Moreover, a lot of online bookmakers allow their players to withdraw money via mobile as well.

Mobile Streaming

If you happen to be on public transportation or anywhere outside of your house and your favorite team is about to play, you can resort to mobile streaming. A lot of online bookmakers offer live streaming on mobile, which is an amazing feature. You can also use it when you’re at your home, on the couch, if you can’t be bothered to reach for the TV remote.

Not Everyone Has a Computer Nowadays

Not everyone has a laptop or a desktop computer today, but almost everyone owns a smartphone. Smartphones are much cheaper than personal computers, so more people are able to afford one. Therefore, thanks to mobile betting, even those without a computer can place bets and test their luck.

Disadvantages of Mobile Betting

Worse User Experience

Because the screen of a smartphone is much smaller than that of a computer, for some people, the user experience is not the same. Graphics do not look the same, there is less detail, and the buttons are smaller and harder to press. That’s why some bettors dislike mobile betting.

Additional Temptation

Some people might have trouble resisting placing a bet when they know they have a chance to do that any time. When you bet on your personal computer and you feel that you need a break, you can always leave your home and go for a walk. However, that’s hard to do when your smartphone is always at hand’s reach.

Security Might Be an Issue

If you’re betting on a mobile device, the chances are that you are going to do it outside of your home. Café is a perfect place to chill out and place some bets, right? Actually, these places often have unsecured wireless connections. This means that your personal information and your bank account information might be at risk.

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